14 | Mar | 2022

Tackling the cyberbullying menace

The unfortunate aspect of cyberbullying is that it has no real-time boundaries and can continue across all hours of the day and night. Due to this nature, it becomes almost impossible for teachers and parents to monitor, intervene, and stop it. It can come in the form of multiple online platforms which can easily overwhelm the victim making him or her vulnerable and hence difficult to defend themselves. Moreover, cyberbullies can hide under the cover of anonymity which makes the victim reluctant to endure the hassle of reporting the incident to a figure of authority. In the event, that the bully is identified and the victim blocks them, all the bully has to do is open a new account with a different name and continue the harassment.

Here are a few steps that can be adopted to address and deal with cyberbullying:


Always address issues when you are not in an emotional state of mind. Addressing issues immediately under emotional duress only leads to “reacting on impulse” which inevitably backfires on the victim. Based on methods taught through WAYNE MACDONALD’S CHILD SAFETY LIFE SKILLS, the victim understands how to remain calm and is in a position to understand the situation better and not just react without thinking.


Once the victim is in a calm state of mind, it then becomes easy to focus and chalk out an effective plan of action. The plan of action could include :

  • Staying positive and removing the emotional baggage created by cyberbullying, using different methods including those taught through WAYNE MACDONALD’S TEENAGE PROTECTION LIFE SKILLS.
  • The willpower to stop checking the social media/specific post frequently.
  • To have a good sense to accept the truth of cyberbullying and the negative impact it can have on you and your loved ones.
  • Taking screenshots, and photos and creating documented proof of the cyberbullying process.
  • Approaching a trusted person of authority for help.

If not addressed appropriately, cyberbullying can escalate to extremely dangerous proportions that can lead to steps as drastic as suicide. Studies as recent as 2018 have shown that children and young people under 25 who are victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to inflict self-harm and be inclined towards suicidal behaviour. The studies also suggest the perpetrators themselves are at higher risk of experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours as well. Cyberbullying can make the victim feel lonely, vulnerable and helpless and creates a sense of feeling that the victim has nowhere to turn for help. The WAYNE MACDONALD’S CHILD SAFETY & SURVIVAL PROGRAM attempts to clear that misconception and works towards preventing unfortunate incidents arising out of cyberbullying through a unique curriculum that not just helps existing and potential victims to learn to cope with cyberbullying issues but also tries to create corrective strategies for existing and potential perpetrators of cyberbullying.