What is the CSS Program?

Wayne MacDonald’s Children Safety and Survival Program (CSS Program) is a unique, interactive and path-breaking full-fledged curriculum subject program designed to empower children to be psychologically, physically and mentally confident.

The brainchild of World Champion Martial Artist Wayne MacDonald and International Psychological Wellness Expert Donna Sutor, the CSS Program aims to pave a strong progressive life path for children and youth around the world by preparing and providing them with skill sets that help them to understand and successfully deal with life’s everyday challenges.

CSS is NOT a Martial Arts Program

The CSS Program aims at identifying & preventing problems BEFORE it arises, rather than AFTER it arises.

The overall goals of these programs are to provide the youth with confidence in a range of skills & Coping Mechanismss necessary to effect a safe resolution to the increasing incidents of INTOLERANCE, VIOLENCE, AGGRESSION, TEENAGE ANXIETY, VICTIM FOCUSED CRIME, ABDUCTION, BULLYING (Physical/Emotional/Cyber) and to illustrate by way of examples the negative impact bullying & abuse has on PERSONAL PHYSICAL SAFETY & MENTAL WELLBEING.

With hundreds of MULTI-LEVEL unique, interactive and practical activity-based lessons covering several critical social, emotional and survival skills, our program aims at providing students with all the necessary tools to develop themselves, find new ways of thinking and problem-solving in order to provide methods on how to socialize, build relations, take appropriate action and conduct themselves in situations where their parents or teachers may not be available.