Essential Necessity Life Skills

"Full fledged practical school
curriculum program"
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Empowering Children

"Preparing & helping children
to face life's challenges"
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Initiating Change Ourselves

"Creating an effective platform for
a progressive, safer & confident society"
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What is the CSS Program?

Wayne MacDonald's Children Safety and Survival Program (CSS Program) is a unique, interactive and path-breaking full-fledged school program designed for participating schools, to permanently empower school children (FROM GRADE 1 TO GRADE 12), to successfully & naturally COPE UP WITH LIFE’S CHALLENGES with the HIGHEST LEVEL OF RESILIENCE - Mentally, Physically & Emotionally.The brainchild of World Champion Mr. Wayne MacDonald and International Psychological Wellness Expert, Dr.Donna Sutor, the CSS Program in participating schools follows the “ CONVERSION OF POSITIVE AWARENESS TO CONTINUOUS IMPLEMENTATION AS A NATURAL WAY OF LIFE,” interactive learning philosophy. It is the ONLY PROGRAM for schools in the world that INTEGRATES SCHOOL MANAGEMENT, SCHOOL CHILDREN, SCHOOL PARENTS, SCHOOL COUNSELLORS & MULTIPLE INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS under a SINGLE COMMON POWERFUL EDUCATION ROOF. It aims to pave a strong progressive life path for children and youtharound the world by preparing and providing them with skill sets that help them to understand and successfully deal with life’s everyday challenges with utmost confidence & positivity.


CSS is NOT a Martial Arts Program

The CSS Program aims at identifying & preventing problems BEFORE it arises, rather than AFTER it arises


1 IN 4 CHILDREN will be bullied or sexually abused BEFORE the age of 18 years.

NEARLY 75% of Parents DO NOT know that their Child is being abused online or offline.

SUICIDE is the Second leading cause of death for youth and young adults (ages 10-34).

Around 20% of sexually abused children are abused BEFORE the age of 8.

Abused Victims are 4.8 TIMES MORE likely than those not involved in bullying to suffer from DEPRESSION.

MALE ABUSED VICTIMS are 18.5 TIMES MORE LIKELY to commit SUICIDE than those not involved in it.

OVER 70% of those abused as a child KNEW THEIR ABUSER. It was somebody trusted or in a position of trust.

OVER 20% of abused victims have been CONVICTED of crimes at some point in their adult lives.

1 IN 4 CHILDREN between the AGE GROUP OF 13-15 years suffer from DEPRESSION.

1 IN 4 WOMEN will be SEXUALLY INTIMIDATED/HARASSED/ ASSAULTED during their Academic Career.

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Effects of Abuse
& Bullying

Bullying and Abuse is a silent cancer that most people tend to be in denial of. By the time we reach adult-hood, we falsely believe that we have “got over it”. Unfortunately this is not true. The psychological, physical and mental scars and health effects of being bullied and abused can be extremely serious with far-reaching consequences that is very difficult to reverse most of the time.

Physical Effects | Emotional Effects

The 4 Step CSS Process

CSS Program Process

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Providing knowledge in a structured, systematic & relatable manner in order to clearly understand and lay a firm foundation of the knowledge concept.

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Creating an environment towards retaining the knowledge through Disguised Repetition Processes (DRP), that is interactive, relevant, engaging & fulfilling.

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Deep Rooted

Endeavoring that the knowledge imparted through the DRP is firmly entrenched, implanted and positively accepted within the mind space of all concerned.

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Enabling the entrenched knowledge towards creating empathetic mind-sets that contribute positively to the development of a healthier ecosystem.


Lifetime Learning Outcomes - The 3 A’S

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Why choose
the CSS Program?

  • 1

    Full Fledged Curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

  • 2

    Annual Success Certificates to students officially & internationally certified by COGNIA.

  • 3

    Annually Certified Instructors.

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